A Problem With Authority

This workshop was about generating meaning through composition and using typography as a method to explore and demonstrate the potentials of composition as a communicative device. We were also introduced to the idea of type operating as an image. We were asked to bring in a shape, figure and drawing of an inanimate object all photocopied in black and white in various sizes which would then be the materials used in this workshop. A list of verbs was given and we had to communicate a word using one photocopy (shape/figure/inanimate object) and one sheet of typography.

I chose the words: outrageous, awkward, fade, empty, float and overflow. Some of these were fairly straightforward like empty, but ones like outrageous were more difficult to communicate given the limitations in place. Not being able to draw was really frustrating for me because its my primary mode of communication however I think all my outcomes do reflect the word they represent.

After looking at some of my peers outcomes, I definitely could’ve thought more outside the box in this workshop. I kept the look of my objects mostly the same when I could’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to cut up and rearrange them. This has made me consider how much I rely on drawing within my visual language and how important it is for me to be able to communicate through that. In order to push my practice further I should consider placing my own limitations on myself to get me to think more conceptually.

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