Reportage Illustration #5 – Final Outcome

The final outcome for the collaborative project is a short newspaper containing 4 double page spreads depicting various issues in London. Putting the document together at the end was definitely the most challenging part of the project, as ensuring each group had their work ready to upload at the same time was never going to be easy. We had many technical problems with exporting the file and making sure the sizing and margins were suitable for printing. This was probably the biggest learning experience of the whole task as Rina and I had to make executive decisions about which areas of an image to crop if it didn’t fit, and what to write on the back whilst having multiple students give their opinions.

Due to previous unsuccessful collaborative projects, I had a preconception that they were always doomed to fail. Inevitably, not everyone has the same attitude towards to task at hand which can lead to tension. However, this time the group naturally separated into people who wanted more of a leading role and those who just wanted to focus on their own stuff, which was a good balance.

I initially chose this brief because I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. Reportage illustration was new territory for me and I really felt it has taken my practice up a level. I completed at least a couple of pages in my sketchbook every day by forcing myself to go outside and draw from observation. Illustrating people was always difficult for me as I felt I could never get the proportions or movement correct, and now I feel much more confident in doing so.

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