SIP #1 – Developing my Self Initiated Project

Mindmap keywords
Field of Study: One in six young adults in the UK suffer from mental health issues. Budget cuts in the NHS mean mental health isn’t being prioritised despite the effect it’s having on the younger generations, as well as many teenagers being afraid to speak about their feelings. Starting university can be a turbulent time for many students and often services to manage problems that may arise aren’t easily accessible for those who are feeling vulnerable.
Focus: Mental health at university
Research Question: Why is mental health such a big issue for young people in today’s society, and what methods can be used to help combat it?
Aims & Objectives: To provide students with an informative guide to managing their mental health at university. I want to explore my visual language in terms of interpreting information into text, images and print.
Research: Survey current/former students about how they managed their mental wellbeing. Analyse data from NHS statistics around mental health in young adults. Find out why mental health is such a big issue, what other factors are contributing? Look at what resources are available already and if they are successful.
Methodology & Process: Use extensive research to see beyond my own experience. Use the libraries and the internet to reference designers, artists and other related practices. Analyse my research in order to embark on a process of editing and selection to identify areas for further exploration and to identify possibilities for developing and extending ideas using a range of methods. 
Media & Processes: Developing my skills to produce more industry appropriate work in information and editorial design whilst still keeping aesthetic qualities and my visual language prevalent.
Explore the ways in which mental health affects students and what methods can be used to alleviate this issue.
Use a variety of resources to conduct research, from surveys to official statistics and personal experiences.
Produce a piece of printed material which combines information and data with layout design, typography and images. This must be accessible for students both financially and the feasibility of advice offered. 

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