SIP #6 – Printing & Finishing

To prepare my files for riso printing, I had to separate them by their colours. As I want a double-sided zine, I had to use crop marks to position the spreads on an A3 page and fit two spreads on one sheet. The crop marks helped me to line up the registration so they would hopefully print neatly back to back and the colours would print in the correct places. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t go quite so smoothly.

Despite having the crop marks to help with lining up the second side, I struggled to get it perfect, which meant misprinting on the front and back. This happened again when I printed the blue layer on top. The colours misaligning wasn’t a big deal because its part of the nature of the riso machine and I had designed some illustrations intentionally with this effect in mind. What made it difficult was the two sides not matching as I worried this would mean some elements being cut off. Luckily I had allowed a small border (5mm), so this just about saved anything from being cut.

Due to the registration being off I decided to trim the pages by hand because if I used the guillotine, some pages would be significantly cut in the wrong places. I used a rotary cutter to perforate the spines of the postcards and a five-point saddle stitch to bind them. One thing I was mindful of during this process was not to touch the ink too frequently. As it never fully dries it can smudge easily, and I did get a few fingerprints on the final zines.

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